Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas Eve

My brother-in-law and his wife have no children and so have taken on the role of "most awesome auntie and uncle" in the family. It's a role they relish and the rest of us are grateful for, as it gives the kids a really special relationship with them.

For Christmas (which in this family is always celebrated on Christmas Eve), they bought each niece and nephew Silly String. They bought cans for themselves as well but left them at their house, anticipating a giant Silly String free-for-all at a later time. OOPS!

SEVEN kids, ages 7 to 17 opened the Silly String together, the last gifts of the evening.

And all hell broke loose.

Each kid had a different color so after the chaos was over we knew who had sprayed Auntie Jennifer's fancy camera with the pretty pink Silly String (hello, Haylie!) and whose black Silly String was stuck in a corner on the wall 2 days later (hi Luke!).

Though I have to admit I would have had a FIT if it had been in my house, it was hysterically funny. And funnier still was the auntie and uncle's reaction -- they were flabbergasted it all happened so fast. ROFL

Everybody helped clean up, moving furniture and vacuuming, so it was all gone fairly quickly (except the stray pieces that showed up a day and 2 days later in corners and behind furniture). LOL

It was so much fun I almost think we should make it an annual tradition. Except Christmas Eve in 2010 is at my house.


  1. We do silly string for NYE around here and it is hysterically funny. Sometimes the string gets mushed into the carpet but it really does dry out and vacuum up so no real worries.

    Anything for laughs these days, I figure. Man, winter stinks otherwise.

  2. Jennifer cover the couches before and just go with it. You only live once and nothing in life is more precious then hearing your kids and family belly laughing and having a good time. Years from now the mess wont matter the memories and the smiles will. I say go for Jennifer live outside the box!!

  3. Anonymous11:52 PM