Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow day!

Woke up at 5:40 this morning to a text from the local news station -- school canceled. W00t. The snow wasn't horrible (we were in Fargo for the Christmas blizzard, after all), but it's nice we didn't have to go out in it.

Unfortunately the storm over the past 2 days required that I ask for a rain check from my little brother and his girlfriend -- they invited me out to lunch for my birthday. Nice, huh? We'll get together sometime up in the Twin Cities. We were scheduled for yesterday but the roads were awful so we called it off thinking maybe we could make it work today. Not so much. LOL Guess I have a habit of calling up blizzards around my birthday/anniversary.

I wanted to post some more about things I am getting done. I went through my email box on Sunday. I had not cleaned anything out from it since I went to Chicago to care for Kris. I tend to keep it pretty cleared out (I know, you're shocked) and I deleted well over 1,000 emails Sunday afternoon. It felt great. I have some photo organizing that I need to do on the computer but I'm debating whether to wait -- Rob says I need a new computer. Since I am as change-averse as ever I am not convinced but he's probably right. The last one I got new was December 2004. He has maxed out the memory in it and will be building my new one so he can configure it how he wants. It also will allow him to start small cost-wise and add memory in little chunks rather than buying something designed to be obsolete in 3 years.

The kids are playing downstairs with Hannah, the neighbor girl. The fireplace is on and the house is cozy.

Garrett and I made a run to the library a bit ago to get some books he requested for a book report project and to pick up Street Gang for me. My Circle Journal project is coming to an nd and the last book I will get is about the Muppets. This was suggested reading. I am looking forward to it.

And now I am off to make a batch of Red Velvet cupcakes to bring to my grief group tonight and a heart-shaped Red Velvet birthday cake for myself.

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