Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday/Anniversary rundown

First phone call at 6:30 AM; Michael singing "Happy Birthday" while mom Teresa laughed in the background.

Off to Roxane's for coffee and Red Velvet cake for breakfast. YUM.

She had gifts, wine, and balloons for me. Tried to find a 40th birthday balloon but got distracted by the shiny pink Princess crown balloon with jewels on it. How apropos. LOL

She fixed me lunch (a baked pasta dish with spinach and ricotta cheese, mushrooms and black olives. Divine.) and I dashed home to get a few things done here (like dinner).

Open faced beef and onion sandwiches with melted Provolone were on the menu, along with some raw veggies and dip. Simple but good. And wine. Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc. I recommend.

More phone calls, several funny cards in the mail (the count from Cara is now at 25 cards, I believe). Cards from my dear hubby and a note that my gift has been ordered but won't be delivered until after Valentine's Day. (It's all good. I told him what I wanted and they were backordered at the time, so I knew it would be late.)

And something fun and totally unexpected:

Tuesday night The Pioneer Woman had a "Word Nerd" quiz on her Homeschooling blog. Lovely reader, am I not the Nerdiest Word person you have ever known? Exactly.

And lo and behold, I found out last night that I was the FIRST to answer all the questions. In 2 minutes. That's because I didn't have to look any of them up -- I am the queen of nerds in this regard. LOL

And this morning I discovered I have won a Kindle. From P-Dub. My kitchen (and photography) idol. And a $50 Amazon gift card. Now I am a book lover and I will not likely ever abandon the printed page, but I was curious about these devices and I wouldn't have spent the money on one. But for free I will try it out. Perhaps it will be perfect to bring along in the pop-up camper. I am always dragging a separate bag for reading materials; this way I will just have to add one little thing to my bag.

At any rate, I am excited. The Pioneer Woman knows I'm alive. *sigh* Now if she'd just come over for coffee and to trade fashion secrets for redheads, I'd be all set.


  1. Happy belated birthday and congratulations!

  2. Isn't Cupcake grand??

  3. How totally cool is that?? You WON from PW??? I try and try and try to win stuff on her blog. I lub her. But congrats to you!!!