Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Tour, part 2

I updated the last post with pictures.

Today I will wax poetic on my living room. When we first looked at this house 13 years ago the exterior was an ugly orangey-tan with burgundy trim. The woman who owned it before me had NO color sense. When we drove up to it I told my husband I would never live in it and we might as well go. He convinced me to go inside and my living room was what sold me on the house.

It has a ginormous picture window that looks out into the back yard. I LOVE this -- who wants to look out onto the street when they can look into a parklike back yard with trees and a flowerbed and a garden? Not I. Adding to the appeal were the hardwood floors -- just so warm and beautiful. The window faces east and the morning sun absolutely makes the room glow. Gorgeous.

The painting is new -- nice, huh? So nice one of my friends saw it and immediately bought it for her own house. LOL I love it when my good taste is confirmed like that. It's a 12'x20' room and, while the kitchen does have the space for a small table and chairs that will seat 4, once we had child number 3 we turned part of the living room into a dining space (pix of that tomorrow).

So here it is -- the warm and inviting living room. It has been the scene of a lot of fabulous gatherings of friends and family and people often tell me it is welcoming and comfortable, even though I tried for a slightly more formal look than the average living room. I think I struck just the right balance.

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