Thursday, March 18, 2010

House Tour, part 3

Today it's the main floor bath. This is a pretty small room, to be honest. about 11 feet wide by 6 feet if you include the bathtub.

The color is "Green Tea Leaf" and the flooring is the same as the vinyl in the kitchen and my entryway. When we bought the house the main floor had 5 different kinds of flooring. Thirteen years later we are down to 3 -- the vinyl, the hardwood in the living/dining and 2 bedrooms, and the frise carpet in the hall. There is hardwood under that carpet but it is also under a stubborn layer of linoleum from the 1950s (it's jade green with splotches of yellow, red and black and it is really cool). Anyway, when we tore up the old Berber carpet we contemplated sanding the linoleum off but it was just too daunting for us. Even as seasoned do-it-yourselfers, it was a LOT of work. It's really a job to hire out. In the meantime, I like this carpet just fine.

Back to the bath. LOL There is a peel-off layer of film on the window that makes it look like frosted glass. Over that is a bamboo matchstick shade that lets in light while providing privacy. The room used to be terribly dark.

We recently replaced the brass cabinet and drawer pulls with brushed nickel and replaced all the towel bars, etc. with brushed nickel as well. The light fixtures are placed vertically and the mirror has a frame around it. A friend of ours recently said he had never looked so good as he did in our bathroom mirror. LOL

The palm trees are a nod to our 2 years in California and the photos are mine.

The big cabinet is our medicine cabinet but it could be used as a linen closet, too. Lots of space and very convenient. There is a linen closet in the hall just outside the bathroom that is small but has been more than enough space for our family of 5, and it has a LAUNDRY CHUTE. Okay, maybe it's more of a square hole cut in the bottom, but it drops to a wonderful melamine cabinet Rob built shortly after we moved in. It is SO convenient and holds a laundry basket so I can grab and take it the few steps to the laundry room. Truly one of the great features of this house.

Thanks for looking! Later today I will post the dining room photos. The rug in there is navy blue and is desperately needs to be vacuumed first. :D

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