Sunday, March 21, 2010

House Tour, part 6

I got up into the boys' room this morning and got through the closet and made a ton of progress. Evan's dresser drawers may leave a little to be desired (since I simply left them closed), but everything else is frighteningly perfect. No telling how long it will last, although I have informed all 3 boys that if they leave stuff out from now on, it will be confiscated and sent to storage until we either move or remodel and move the stuff back in here. They appear to believe this threat so I am sticking with it.

There is a closet in the bedroom but my favorite closet in the whole house is this one, with openings at both ends. The kids have always loved this fun spot. The hardwood floors in here are supposedly throughout the upstairs, but we have never confirmed it.

At one time Rob and I used the upstairs as our little quiet space. The sewing table sat out in this area. Now it's a study area with a music stand, a desk, and a few bookshelves.

The hanging beaded fish are from Kris' condo. A nice touch of whimsy for a beachy room.
This built in dresser is a fun feature, too. It is completely enclosed so the clothes are not open to the attic space (just in case you were wondering).

Thanks for looking!

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