Friday, March 19, 2010

House Tour, part 5 and a vent, sorry

I hit a wall yesterday. I have worked so hard to get the house ready (as has my husband, believe me) and last night I was just DONE. In tears, overwhelmed, crabby with and at everyone. I am not an easy person to live with at my best. Let's just say right now is not my best.

Today I got some errands run -- Uncle Henry's flag mailed to the cemetery so they can fly it on Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, etc. because it was doing me no good sitting in a closet. Also an old tattered flag taken to the American Legion so they can dispose of it properly later on, and a few bills dropped off around town.

Then the realtor came. It appears we will NOT be ready for an open house tomorrow. I already knew that. He is pleased, he says the house looks great, he loves the pictures I've taken ... but we just still have some work to do. *sigh* So we will list Tuesday. One more big push through the weekend. I can do it.

This afternoon I dropped out. Crawled into bed and slept for 3 hours. After dinner (an asparagus frittata thanks to my fabulous husband the chef) I headed upstairs to rearrange the boys' room and do some cleaning. Two weeks ago my mom did a big cleaning job up there. She did not go into their dressers or the desk and she didn't sort toys. Still they hauled out multiple bags of trash and vacuumed, dusted, etc.

Tonight I hauled out MORE trash, boxed up stuff for the storage unit (which is about full to the brim, thankyouverymuch) and cried. SO frustrating. They are pigs. My mom helped Spence and Garrett clean out their closet and it is a DISASTER a mere 2 weeks later. I went right back to overwhelmed and exhausted.

Tomorrow I will try to finish so that Sunday I can take pictures (it's supposed to be sunny). I just have their room and play room and the basement family room left to shoot. Rob has been slaving away at the family room all evening so with any luck that will be ready Sunday as well.

In the meantime, here are the laundry room and the basement bathroom. The curtains in the laundry room are coming with me. The one behind the washer and dryer hides the plumbing. It was ugly and I didn't like looking at it. The shelves under the stairs are great storage and there is room for plastic totes for Christmas decorations, etc. It's a 1950s house but it has a lot of storage for a home of that era.

The basement bathroom color is "Blueberry Popover." Everything was new in 2000 and it is a bright, clean, efficient bath for evenings downstairs in the family room or for guests who come to stay. We just installed a new vent and fan with heat lamps. Very nice. The basement has a sort of North Woods Lake theme. I tried to create a cabin feeling since my grandparents had cabins on a lake when I was a kid and I miss them desperately (the cabins and the grandparents), hence the loons on the wallpaper border. I know ... but it's a basement bath. Deal with it.

Okay, and on that note, I will close and go to bed. No more whining. We are close and with any luck this will all be a distant memory by summer.

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  1. I think your house looks fabulous! I am sure you have put a lot of sweat equity into it over the years and I can truly feel your love for it. Good luck to you in your moving adventure, I hope all goes smoothly.