Monday, March 22, 2010

House Tour, part 7

Good Lord, does it ever end? We can see the finish line. I just took the last few pictures and uploaded the whole kit & caboodle onto a disk for the realtor.

Just a quick update tonight, as we haven't had dinner yet and my tummy is rumbling.

Our bedroom. The closets are the 50s "his and hers" style and are very cute. That feature is in both main floor bedrooms.

The basement family room, which we remodeled in 2000. The gas fireplace is a wonderful feature, as it still gets pretty chilly down there in the winter. The up side of that is the lovely cool temps we have down there, even in the hottest part of the summer. The room was supposed to evoke my grandparents' lake cabins, where I spent much of my childhood. There are 17 can lights in there, on 3 separate switches, so there is a lot of light and it really doesn't feel like a basement. The cutout in the stairwell lets light in from upstairs and makes the room feel more open as well. The cool blues are soothing but the oak and pine in the room warm it up and it is quite cozy.

One more post tomorrow, I think, and we'll wrap up this little torturous episode in your life. Sorry if this was boring but it was a way for me to document all the work we've put into the house over they years. Tomorrow, the laundry chute and cabinet and the telephone alcove. :)


  1. I love the basement living room. Are you going to post photos of "my" bedroom?

  2. Wow--- I've been so obsessed with FB and Scrabble, that I forget to check around the blog world-- You're moving!!! Hope it all goes well! Are you officially on the market yet? Such a pain huh to keep the house in order for that random person that just might walk through.

    We sold our previous home during Christmas. It was so painful to not decorate the house for the holidays. Not even a tree. (It was Audrey's first Xmas too...)

    And when we left, I thought it would be so sad to leave. It was the home Paul and I brought our babies home to. I lovingly looked at the kids rooms that I had so carefully painted and decorated. The backyard that Andrew first played in... so many firsts!

    But let me tell you, when those papers were signed and we were ready to move -- I didn't look back! All those feelings of "what was" instantly transformed into "what will be!"