Tuesday, March 23, 2010

House Tour, part 8

This is the front door and hallway. The border on the wall is made up of 2 pieces of molding and it neatly holds 4x6 inch photos. I used double-sided tape on the backs to make sure they don't fall. In the past I have put up pictures of the kids in costume over the years in the fall for Halloween, pictures from a vacation to brighten up the winter, and family pictures to practice getting to know all the extended relatives before a trip to Grandma's.

This is my phone alcove. Possibly my most favorite charming accent this house offers. The message board next to it is great for quick notes and the shelf holds the city phone book. Very cool, no?

Linen closet in the hall outside the bath. The hole in the bottom falls to a cupboard in the basement where I keep a laundry basket. This is a very convenient feature of the house, especially with kids. They go to take a bath, drop their clothes down the chute, and I get them to the laundry. Awesome.

Here's the cupboard where they fall. Rob built it because prior to the cupboard's existence the clothes just fell in a heap next to the water heater and the furnace. Can you say fire hazard? The lower section is just storage -- we use it for board games.

I am not posting pictures of the former guest room. The bed has been removed and the computer desk and a bunch of bookshelves are the new residents. It has walnut paneled walls and tan carpeting. It's a functional office space but not very attractive, so no pictures.
The hot tub is gone from the back yard (I was tired of spending money on repairing hoses and winterizing only to have to get new hoses the following spring, anyway.) We need a stair rail in the upstairs so Rob is working on that. I am off to bake banana bread.
Thanks for looking!

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