Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working girl

I have spent the last 2 weeks transitioning into my new job. It's only 16 hours a week, so you'd think the transition wouldn't be that difficult, but it actually is.

The person I replaced is actually still {sort of} there. She had planned to leave at the end of October but a family event caused her to leave a week earlier than expected. Of course that week she had planned to do many tasks in preparation for someone else to take over. Now she is juggling new responsibilities as well as trying to clear things out to allow me to start fresh.

We hope to meet this week so that she can show me some things that are not obvious to me. I've figured out a lot but her insight will be helpful to me, I know. She also has the laptop that is attached to the position, and hopes to get that to me this week as well. I have to confess I am pretty excited about that.

I got a 2011 scrapbook calendar completed for the church service auction (which was last night) and it went for a good price, so I was happy about that. I have a cousin who is expecting a baby any day now and am working on a little thing for her, too, so maybe will get that posted when it's done.

On top of the work transition, Rob has been chipping away at the remodeling job in the basement -- Friday he took the afternoon off and he and his brother got the hole cut in the foundation and installed the egress window. SUCH a relief to have that done and know the house has 4 legal bedrooms now. He is doing some wiring today and hopes to have the electrical inspection done Tuesday. After that we should be ready to start insulating and drywalling.

Garrett has picked a paint color and a 6 by 8 foot wall mural for one wall. After spending a year getting rid of wallpaper in this house I am a little afraid of that, but he is excited and I do want him to feel like it is truly his space, so a mural it will be. LOL We hope to have the paint done by Christmas and bedrooms moved around YET AGAIN so that we can comfortably sleep everyone (my brother and his fiance, 4 kids, and hopefully my parents). Fitting 13 people in this house will demonstrate that we really do utilize every inch of space to the nth degree.

Still to come: photos of the bedrooms as they are now and maybe a full reveal of who I am. For some reason I am still hesitant to fully put myself out there, but if I am to talk about this great new job and give any detail at all I will have to step out into the sunlight. Why am I so reluctant to do this?

As this Thanksgiving week begins, I find myself so very thankful. For my family and friends, for the small luxuries in my life that many others don't and can't have, for the new job that is inspiring me and making me grow as a person, for my faith community, for everything.

I hope you find yourself just as blessed, and I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving.

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  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Hope you are careful as to "revealing" yourself. All the information on the internet these days is just too scary for me. I want you and your family to be safe so be CAREFUL, MY DEAR DAUGHTER!
    Love, Mom