Sunday, December 05, 2010


Yep. We still are. It has been an adjustment, this working thing. We're getting the hang of it and I am getting better about planning ahead (I have to be more dedicated to the crock pot on Tuesdays, when I usually work all afternoon).

But it is GOOD. I love the job. There have been some bumps along the way (most notably that there is a laptop that goes with the job but which is not yet in my possession) but I am hoping that and any other little loose ends will get tied up this week.

The people I work with are nice -- friendly, funny, and very welcoming. My boss is patient and encouraging (and forgiving, which is good when one makes bonehead mistakes).

I have been doing pretty well keeping up with all of my household tasks, too. I do wish that my kids didn't have the habit of waiting until I have emptied the laundry chute cupboard to add their dirty clothes to the mix; that has left me in tears a couple of times when I thought I was caught up on laundry, only to discover another 2 loads waiting for me.

The dishwasher was acting up but Rob took it apart for me and we discovered a layer of crusty, disgusting ... detergent residue? I don't know, but it took a toothbrush, a bunch of cotton swabs and twice that many toothpicks to clean it up. The dishes are actually getting clean again, which is an improvement over loading the dishwasher, unloading it only to discover half the dishes are still dirty, and hand-washing them. Urgh. That was not working for me.

And apropos of nothing, TRADER JOE'S opens here in Rochester tomorrow morning. It's gonna be a zoo, but I'm going with my friend Roxane, who should be able to help me keep my murderous intentions under control.

And speaking of murderous intentions, if anybody has tips for helping my sweet, darling boys (particularly the older 2, ages 13 and 11) get along, I'd appreciate them. They are constantly aggravating one another and it seems as if they almost enjoy the conflict, the needling, and the attention they get from me (even though I am frustrated and annoyed and begging and pleading). Grrr.

Last, just a note to hug your loved ones (even the annoying ones LOL) because life around here has been too full of tragedy lately. A young man in our community was struck down by a drunk driver who put 3 other people in the hospital at the same time, then fled the scene (he was caught). One of Rob's cousins (a first cousin once removed) died while mountain climbing in Europe a couple of weeks ago, leaving his parents childless and a young wife alone. And a friend with whom I had grown distant lost her husband of 2 years a week ago in a tragic car accident. Senseless and tragic, and my heart goes out to all the friends and loved ones as they try to negotiate the holiday season when there must be very little joy in their hearts.

My heart? Actually, it's fine. Better than fine. I am not using my light yet -- haven't felt a need, really. I'm taking my vitamin D and so far I am ok.

I'm ok. Wow, that is boring, but oh, so good.

And a side note: check out a new blog on the right -- Lauren was a youth volunteer at the library where I worked when Rob and I were first married. Now she is a grown up and she's getting married. (No, that doesn't make me feel old at all, why do you ask?) Anyway, we reconnected on Facebook and her blog is funny and honest and a little silly and I like it a lot, so you should go say hello. Hi Lauren!!!

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  1. Funny, honest, and silly is exactly what I am going for with our thank you for seeing it as just that. :) So, so nice reconnecting with you as well. I love reading blogs so I will be sure to add you to my blog roll. I enjoyed reading your blog so much that I took to reading it on my Blackberry after my shotty internet connection went out on me last night. I will catch up more with it later...and maybe we could even catch up "for real" over coffe while I am home for Christmas, and completely free of flu germs. Thanks for the well wishes!