Monday, December 06, 2010

How do I love thee?

When we were in California I shopped at Trader Joe's pretty regularly. It was close to our house, it was inexpensive, and it had lots of unique and tasty items that allowed me to introduce flavors from other cultures to my family.

When we moved back to Minnesota I missed it. A lot. There are several TJ's in Twin Cities suburbs and I would go up every month or two and stock up on olive oil, Orange Chicken, Lemongrass Chicken Stix, and Veggie Chips.

But today that all changed.

Today Trader Joe's opened up right here in Rochester. Although I abhor crowds, I went at 9 this morning, right after the kids got on the bus. I met my friend Roxane there and we happily wandered all over the store. We accosted the manager, I offered purchasing advice to other shoppers (only because I was telling Rox about this or that product and I could see people paying attention to my loud mouth), and I discovered that my family's favorite Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sticks are no longer sold there. (Tragic.) But the crowds weren't bad, the store was busy but not crazy, and all was good.

I procured a few items (Panda Puffs cereal and Peppermint Joe-Joes among them) and checked out. I received a free shopping bag (W00t). And I spent under $20. (Double w00t).

Later a friend of mine on Facebook said her local store was OUT of Joe Joes and did not anticipate receiving more before Christmas.

Having only bought one box, I panicked and headed back to the store at 4 PM for more Joe Joes. And there were cops directing traffic. Really. So I went in and bought 4 more boxes, paid for them, and left.

I think I have a peppermint problem.

Fortunately they're just down the road if another culinary crisis occurs. And let's hope for the people of Rochester that they don't run out of Joe Joes before Christmas.

We don't need another grocery tragedy. The loss of the raspberry sticks is devastating enough.

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  1. I am shocked! A TJ's? Food has never been Rochester's strong point. Where did they put it?

    You got me thinking on what my have to have TJ list...Lemon Curd, frozen Naan, Paneer Tiki Masala, and triple ginger snaps. Mmmm. I may have to make a trip today.