Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

I do not apologize for being a bit of an anglophile with a more than casual interest in the Royal Family. My first scrapbook was of Lady Diana Spencer, her wedding to Prince Charles, and their lovely little boy, William.

My grandma and I got up early on a long ago July day and watched Charles and Diana's wedding in St. Paul's Cathedral. Of course I wanted to see William and Kate get married.

I woke up to Rob's alarm at 3:50 and watched the coverage until after the vows. Then I went back to sleep.

I was eager to see the dress, which did not disappoint. My first reaction, like my friend Careless, was that it evoked Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

I loved Wills and Harry in their uniforms, I loved the pageantry and the pomp.

I HATED Princess Beatrice's hat. WHAT was she thinking? Certainly not, "Wow, that looks lovely on me. I'm sure it's quite suitable for my cousin THE FUTURE KING'S wedding." Fail.

I also hated Victoria Beckham's dress. Honestly, Posh, you are stunning. In fact, I've heard people say of other people, "She would look good in a sack." Well, sad to say, I would have thought that of you as well but then you showed up at the Abbey wearing one. And, it turns out, it was, ummmm, HEINOUS. I know you are pregnant but seriously, honey. With all of that money you had the opportunity to do better. Instead you wore one of your own designs (ever heard the saying a person who serves as his own representative in court has a fool for a client? Ahem.) and missed one of the greatest opportunities to look, well, royal. Almost. Epic fail.

So the wedding was lovely. Of course I got a little teary, but you must remember I have a son named Spencer, after Will's lovely mum. And I thought of her that day, how proud and happy she would have been, and how lovely she would have looked, as always, and I cried a tear for her, and for him, as he must have missed her so terribly all day.

Diana's fairy tale was a scam. She was 12 years her groom's junior and far too young to be thrust into the spotlight in a family she didn't know with a thousand years of protocol and propriety behind them.

I hope with all my heart that Kate and Will, as peers and as a couple that has been together for a good number of years, as well as being almost a decade older than she was at the outset of her fairy tale, will weather the storms and show us all that, every once in a while, a fairy tale DOES come true.

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  1. I so would have driven over to your house at 4 am and sat next to you and watched it! I so HATED Beatrice's hat, and Posh's dress too! Posh DID look like she wore a navy sack. Can I say that Eugenie's dress and hat combo were pretty horrible too? The dress was too similar to Princess Anne's horrible purple garden-y dress. Kudos to the Queen for her pale yellow "I am the sun dress."

    I know I shouldn't care so much about the royal family, but who doesn't think about marrying her prince in front of 2 billion people and the new life they'll lead? It's the stuff movies are made of...Princess Diaries...Prince and Me....etc.

    Of coarse if I had driven over to your house at 4 am, we would have woken up your house with our cackling and laughing asthma over those ridiculous guests.