Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have been mired in housekeeping this month. Not that you would even begin to guess that if you saw my house right now.

We have that storage unit, the one from when we put our house on the market in 2010, that MUST be cleaned out by September 30. And while I am proud to say we have made great progress, we still have work to do, and I am a bit overwhelmed that we are down to just over a week before it needs to be gone.

So we are bringing home boxes, a dozen at a time, and going through them. We purge (fortunately our church's semi-annual rummage sale is this Saturday, so I took a van load of stuff yesterday and my van has a bunch in it again for drop off tomorrow), we sort, and we try to figure out where we can put the stuff that we really want to keep (or stuff that will require another going-through, like paperwork and photos).

I have gotten rid of picture frames, VHS tapes, CDs, bedding, clothing, shoes and winter boots, kitchen stuff, books and a few toys. I have Freecycled and Craigslisted a ton of stuff this month. And yet here I sit, next to a stack of 4 boxes that is as tall as I am sitting in my chair. Oh dear.

So back in I will dive, purging and organizing, strengthening my resolve to get this mess cleaned up so that I can order my new mattress and boxspring, help my husband make a new headboard, and enjoy my oasis of a home through the long winter. Or at least until the next home improvement project comes up.

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