Monday, September 26, 2011

Shiny, shiny

I found a "before" picture. Gold, shiny, a little too everything. I loved it anyway. But the "after" is spectacular if I do say so myself. I bought this lamp on eBay years ago and it hung over the dining table until we took it down in the spring of 2010 when we put the house on the market. I love it, but I do realize that the brass and gold tones and the general frou frou style are not most people's favorite. We put in a respectable (read: boring) fixture and stored the vintage swag lamp. And I was sad.
As we've cleaned out the storage unit (4 days left) the lamp came out and I was eager to have Rob hang it back up. Until I started thinking about all the vintage chandeliers I've seen redone with spray paint. And I thought about it, and I ran the idea by a friend who likes vintage crap, and I decided to take the plunge, and I purchased "Ocean Breeze Blue" high gloss spray paint.
Rob fixed some broken pieces, I hit them with multiple coats of the paint, and he installed a new cord and bulb housing (the originals from the 40s left a lot to be desired), and he hung it up yesterday.
Since I snapped this shot I found the missing crystals, so all 20 are now back where they belong. And the lamp is FAB, is it not? I am so happy with this funky, happy piece. The lamp itself was about $80, so not cheap, but the spray paint was less than $5, so if you already have a fixture hanging around that you don't really love, a little spray paint could be just the thing.

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