Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Doctor Who

Oh my goodness! Evan and Garrett went to a youth conference for church a few weeks ago. They came home raving about the BBC series. We shrugged; no plans to change our cable service, despite our dissatisfaction with the local cable company, which has a monopoly, and therefore no real need to satisfy customers.
Until I got cash for Christmas. I had decided I was using it for a TiVo. We have had 3 DVRs from the cable system but they all had problems do we've been without any option for recording anything for years.
When Rob did a little research, he found we could get a DVR, expand our channels, and still keep the basic cable for less money than we had been paying. Sold.
So my Christmas money bought me some work clothes, we got the DVR, and the boys are now watching the Doctor.

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