Friday, January 06, 2012

Too much Sad

Sometimes The Sad is overwhelming. Not sadness, not the feeling itself, although that is part of it.
No, what I mean is, The Sad that exists every day for someone. Usually it is kind of spread out over the world so that, even though it is HARD, it can be dealt with. We all know sometimes it's our turn to feel The Sad deeply, as when we experience loss.
My community is full of The Sad these days. A police officer from a neighboring community was shot in December and lingered in the hospital here for 11 days. He was 32, married, and had 3 small children. His funeral is tomorrow.
And, as if the city and the region were not reeling enough from that terrible dose of The Sad, today a young girl lost her battle with brain cancer.
Her parents are long- time community members, whose family ties and friendships are woven deep here.
It is a city of 100,000 people, but in many ways it's a small town.
She was 13. Thirteen.
There are no words for me to say how sorry I am for the losses of these families and communities.
In the deaths of these 2 people, the world has become a lesser place. I wish those who mourn strength and comfort, and I thank my lucky stars for a simple Friday night at home, healthy kids, and a reminder of just how quickly everything can change.

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  1. Very, very sad. I can't even watch the news anymore