Sunday, August 05, 2012


I posted about my Ball jar soap dispensers but never got back to posting pictures of them finished. Don't have pictures now. But I do have pictures of the awesome Ball jar chandelier that Rob and I created.

I got the idea from Pinterest, used my own wire canning rack, and picked up the aqua colored vintage jars at a couple of antique shops and our church rummage sale.

Here they go for about $6 for a quart size jar with zinc lid, not sure what they run elsewhere. They are surprisingly common, so if you're looking, hit a few rummage sales and you will happen upon them, I am sure.

Rob added the chain and a large metal ring from which to hang it. The final picture is at our campsite, with my wire spool table in the shot, too. It is hanging from a post we set in concrete in a large flower pot. There is a cross post at the top, and at the end of it is a v- shaped cut that holds the ring. Frankly, the thing looks like a gallows, so no photos until I add some detail and make it look a little less creepy. LOL

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