Sunday, August 05, 2012

I have been busy

Loving Pinterest and all the fan ideas there. I am quite pleased that I actually have made (with Rob's help) several -- mostly for our campsite.

Not sure I mentioned our purchase of a 33 foot travel trailer this spring. Yes, that's right, we traded in the pop-up. We don't have a big enough vehicle to tow the new camper, so we put it on a seasonal site near Rushford, MN and we have loved it.

So I made the Ball jar chandelier earlier in the year, and Rob built a rack from which to hang it. It hangs over the picnic table and looks lovely with tea lights in it.

One of my first pins was a rustic coffee table/bookshelf made from a wire spool. I was able to procure a spool, Rob cut the center down so that it was the height I wanted, and added casters and dowel rods. It is fab.

This is the table as it is now. I haven't decided on a finish yet and it looks great as is. Will be perfect on the deck at the camper (a project for next summer).

I have a couple more projects in the works and hope to have them finished Labor Day weekend. OMG, summer is almost gone. Off to soak it up a little more -- Minnesota winters get awful cold!

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