Sunday, May 12, 2013

Inspiration strikes again

I had a LOVELY day yesterday, getting our camper ready for the summer. I cleaned and scrubbed with very cold water, wiping out fridges and freezers, dusting, vacuuming, pulling bedding and towels out of Rubbermaid totes, and got everything shipshape with the help of my family. Awesome.

Part of the rush of the day was that I am hosting a Tupperware party out there on Saturday the 18th. I needed it to be squared away, and the weather this spring has been less than cooperative.

Last year we found a vintage nightstand in Lanesboro. It was red and chipped and had some paint spills on the top. Funky. A little gnarly. I LOVED it. We bought it, I brought it home and wiped it down, and I added a number of Minnesota-themed items (a fishing lure, some bottle caps from Lakemaid beer, postcards ...) and I poured a couple of layers of resin over them. The table turned out terrific, and I was on the hunt for another, thinking they would be great as side tables to hold drinks and magazines at the campsite. Plus, they would look cute on the deck. What's not to like?

I found another nightstand, kind of a French Provincial look, very curvy and the exact opposite of the sturdy and very serviceable red table (which even has a little drawer). I chose Superior Blue both for the color and the name, honoring a sacred place for my state and my family, and painted it. And then. I stuck one of the resin bottles on the paint and it ... melted it. And I couldn't face it any longer and stuck it in our storage unit for the winter.

I pulled it out today, inspired by the party. I could debut it on Saturday if I get my act together. So. You heard it here first.

I hereby challenge myself to sand the bad spot down. To prime and paint it again. To put together the random Minnesota trinkets and ephemera, and to add the resin. By Wednesday night, so it has ample time to dry.

Inspiration is good. Spring has arrived (though it is only in the 50s today and yesterday it was sleeting). I am feeling creative. And motivated. And hopeful.

It is a brand new day. Check back here for pix of BOTH tables by the end of the week.

Challenge accepted. BRING IT.

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