Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Don't you hate it when a blogger is cryptic about something? I mean, either say it or don't, but don't put it out here halfway so that I (the reader) am left wondering what the heck is going on. Am I right?

Yeah. Totally annoying. However.

I used to have a job. I didn't talk a lot about it here, but it was as the Coordinator of a little thing known as a timebank. You can find more information about timebanking here. It is a wonderful concept that I believe could change the world. I LOVE it. If you are looking for more details on timebanking I am available to consult. My rates start at FREE (if you want to Skype and ask a few questions) and go up from there to an hourly rate (perhaps to present to a group live or via Skype) or a one-time consulting fee to help prepare, launch, or jumpstart an existing timebank. I am flexible, friendly, and far less expensive than you imagine.

Anyway. As the timebank Coordinator I was employed by a marvelous nonprofit social services agency. I was proud to work with such a committed, caring group of people who strive always to make the world a better place and make sure that those of us who have less at least have all they need. Good work. Good people.

But in June there was no more funding for my position. This was not a complete surprise; I had known all along that there was a larger plan (and budget issues) at work. The end just came sooner than I expected.

So this summer I have had the opportunity to do some freelance writing/editing/audio production work. FUN, more than work, to tell the truth.

And it looks like this little gig is working out even better than I had hoped.

So ... great things are here and on the horizon.
My professional life is terrific.
My family is healthy ( a huge gift that, after 2 weeks where i was LAID FLAT by a back injury, I do not take for granted).
And ... (cryptic post alert) ... I have details and links to share about the happy things in my work life, just as soon as all of the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed.
Cryptic, but happy.
Annoyed? Sorry -- but I hope this means you'll come back in a week or two to get the full rundown.
It is good stuff.

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