Sunday, March 30, 2014

Me time

It's no secret here that I am a girl who needs her alone time. March has not been so accommodating of that. 

I love that my boys are involved in extracurricular activities -- one in track, one in dance and singing, one in Model UN this year -- but it has me feeling more than a little stretched right now.

This month, with its Mayo Clinic visitors, a kid in driver's ed, and me at the center of a church service for today (which went off without a hitch), has been busy.

So busy that, aside from the new Cosmos, I haven't seen much TV -- even the news. So much that I still have not even downloaded the book group book. So much that I vowed to dye my hair on Thursday, and the box sits on my bathroom counter, as yet unused.

I am ready for some me time -- preferably with a book. We all choose how to spend our time, but with my job , the boys, church, friends and a wet basement, I have had few choices. It's, frankly, been a drag.

March has been cold -- today's high was supposed to be 62, but a stiff breeze and cloudy skies left it feeling colder. We are all frustrated. I am looking forward to a trip tomorrow, the first college visit. Just me and Garrett, in what I hope will be fun and eye-opening and inspiring for him, as I guess all parents hope when they embark on such trips. We 're not going south, but a change of scenery will do me good regardless of the temperature .

March. There's one day left of you, and somehow I have a vague, unsettled feeling that you'll get your licks in until the last possible minute. You have not been pleasant, and I will be glad to be rid of you.

I just hope that whatever you have up your sleeve is something I can handle.

April, come on in. Bring your showers, as long as temps are closer to 60 than 30. I'll take it -- and my camper (and a few good reads) are waiting.

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