Friday, March 28, 2014

Mine field

March has been a mine field.

When my boys were small, we had several years (5 at least, maybe more) where March was nothing but one runny nose/cold/stomach flu after another. I would have sick kids, each bringing home a different illness, then sharing it with his siblings, so that we had a round-robin of disgusting symptoms coupled with fights over taking medicine and kids so clingy I couldn't go to the bathroom alone.

Fortunately, we are done with that phase, and things have been calm the last few Marches.

But this year. Oh my, when it hit, it hit hard. A friend's mom with a scary diagnosis and a decision to move in with said friend for access to docs here at the Clinic. Temporary. to be sure -- just a couple of months. But it throws things off to have a houseguest for weeks, especially if said guest is maybe not feeling well. Would any of them do it any other way? I think not. But that doesn't make the hard parts less hard.

In the midst of that, the loss of a beloved pet. Because, why not face mortality on 2 fronts, right? Tough days for that family, for sure.

Then, extended family members and the loss of another beloved pet.

Another friend is in a leadership position in an organization that is facing some challenges that are shaping up to be a battle. Unnecessary, unpleasant, and stressful for me on a different level because I am part of the organization.

Extended family in town for tests at Mayo.

Friends of friends here for the same reason, now extending their stay to 2 weeks or more, hoping for answers.

I am trying to be a good friend, to be supportive without being prying or intrusive, to accept whatever information people feel comfortable sharing. But I feel like I am standing in a mine field, and my friends are walking all around me, and every few seconds something else blows up.

And Sunday night, my own explosion. After a long and painful separation, difficult but necessary, I will have the opportunity to reconcile a relationship, exorcise some demons, and provide comfort (I hope) to someone I love.

This morning? A friend I have known for nearly 10 years online lost her dad.


Life is a mine field. We are all, I guess, dodging fireballs and hoping we can navigate our way through with as little damage to ourselves as possible while still providing support to those around us. I hope you and yours are well, if you're reading this, and if you're in a mine field of your own right now, take comfort that you're not alone, and remember Winston Churchill's words, "If you're walking through hell, keep going."

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