Friday, February 09, 2007

Eleven years

This is the only photo from my actual wedding that I have displayed in my home. I HATE my wedding photos. They are terrible. I still want to cry whenever I think about them. Honestly. It is the ONE thing I would do over again given the chance. I never wanted that photog in the first place. He just was not my style. SO not my style. And I will not elaborate here except to say that I am not a professional by any means, but I do know that in order to get a silhouette shot one does not light the people one is shooting from the front. I'm just sayin'. Asshole.

Anyway, this photo is one that he did NOT want to shoot. Apparently he was all about dignified (which really meant that my wedding photos from 1996 were exactly the same as the photos he took of every wedding from 1945 to that day). BOR-ing.

These Groucho glasses were the things I really wanted pix of. Thank goodness for my favorite Uncle Doug (I had 3 Uncle Dougs, people). He ran to my parents' house for me to retrieve these.

How cool is that photo? Those are our attendants, Chad and Lorrie, and Rob's niece Rachel and his nephew Lukas.

The card with the Oscar Wilde quote is something I found later. I have always wanted to have them framed together. Picasa let me do this treatment and I think it looks cool.

Tomorrow ... my favorite wedding photos that were not taken at the wedding. Figure that one out. LOL


  1. I have to say...I really like that photo! It's so fun.

  2. Kristine11:07 AM

    Congratulations! Do you have anything special planned for your anniversary?