Thursday, February 08, 2007

Random photo day

I have been loading old photo files into my CM software. This is one of my favorites that I have recently seen.

That's Garrett. How cute was he? The nursery at that time (1998) is now my scrap room. He is seated in his toy box, reading a book. I still love the colors we used for the nursery. The round crib is possibly the coolest crib ever. And that cherry finish? Totally the "in" thing now, but in 1997 you couldn't find cherry furniture *anywhere*. Especially for nurseries. Proof once again that I am a decorating trendsetter. And modest, too. LOL

Hard to believe he'll be 10 in a few months. How on earth is that possible?


  1. Very sweet picture

  2. I didn't know you yet when Garret was such a little guy! I do remember the crib though!

    It's always amazing to me when I look back at old pictures...I forget sometimes that they were so tiny!