Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today is my deadline. I need to be done so that I can have my surgery tomorrow and not have to worry about anything for a couple of days while I recuperate.

I have some wrapping left to do but can finish that up tonight.

I have done some baking but the rest can be done over the weekend.

Garrett's robe is cut out and I am getting ready to pin the pattern to Evan's. Should have all 3 cut out by later tonight.

I have started my grandma's sweatshirt but not sure if I will finish in time to get it in the mail Friday.

I ordered Happy New Year cards this afternoon because there is no freakin' way I was getting Christmas ones out in time. They will go in the mail sometime after Dec. 25. (Thanks to those of you who have sent holiday cards, by the way. I love getting them).

I don't even have teacher gifts started for my kids' 3 main teachers. I did clipboards for them last year so this year I am stumped. Guess I should have quit thinking about it and actually gotten something done about it, huh? Now I'm not sure what I'm gonna do ... last day of school is Friday.

All in all I am okay. The world will not fall apart if these things don't get done. I'm just plugging away at it in hopes that most will be done. Thankfully my husband is home now and is helping. As I type he is in the kitchen making krumkake. Turns out the ceramic top stove works fine with the krumkake iron, thank goodness.

I'll probably be gone a few days ... thanks in advance for your good wishes.

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  1. The world will indeed NOT come to an end if you don't get those things done. Look back on your year and see all that you have gotten done. Besides...it's good to have things to look forward to for next year! :)

    Praying all goes well and they get done what needs done in there.

    Who loves ya? That'd be me! Mwah!