Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just say no!

To Hillary Clinton, that is.

I had a conversation the other night with a friend I respect and admire. She is heavily involved in politics and social justice issues and she is a thoughtful, decent, intelligent human being. When I mentioned I was supporting Obama, though, her inner school teacher came out -- just for a minute -- and made me feel like I was an errant child. So here are my reasons for NOT supporting Hillary in the Democratic Presidential Caucus last week.

* She is Hillary Rodham (remember the Rodham, people?) Clinton, for gosh sakes. She is married to Bill Clinton. She (along with her husband) is among the MOST divisive figures in American politics ever. The Republicans who love to hate her will rise up like an army to defeat her. Plus a lot of Dems and Independents could do without her, too.

* Many women won't vote for her because she stayed with her philandering husband. Yes, I am hearing this all over the place. Personally I wonder who they think they are to be making decisions for someone else with regard to marriage, but then I guess they are probably the same women who cry for the unborn but do nothing for those already living and who thought it was just fine that Congress wasted years and millions on a sexual incident that had nothing to do with governance and didn't cost even one life (didja hear that, George, butcher of DC?).

* That whole health care debacle in the early 90s. Many people are still holding that against her too.

*The LAST thing this country needs is another 4 years of a Clinton or a Bush. We've had either one or the other in office since 1989, folks. Let's talk about REAL change here, not political dynasties. Last time I checked our government was formed as a reaction to a monarchy. God forbid we have to deal with another George the third, this time on American soil.

Those are my top reasons. Now don't get me wrong, I think she is a brilliant woman, she has done good things, and she certainly doesn't have to justify her choices with regard to her personal life to me. I simply don't think she is the right candidate.

And I will talk to you about it, but please don't talk to me like I'm 4 years old, or I will throw a tantrum so that at least I deserve it.


  1. I think Hillary is a brilliant woman and an incredible leader. I think she could and would do great things for our country. If she is elected president, well...we could do (and have done) much worse. I would support her if she won.

    BUT all that said, I am not sure she's the right one (not woman...just one) for the job for many of the reasons you stated.

    Dynasties are not the American's time for some new ideas in the USA...or at least some fresh blood.

    The health care thing...well, I'm not sure how much of that exactly is her fault alone, but it certainly doesn't help make her case for universal health care right now. It's just ammo under the anti-Hil crowd's belt.

    The marriage thing...honestly, I think she did the right thing...she chose the harder path. She coulda turned tail and ditched him but she didn't. A LOT of people would like to believe she did it because she wanted to ride Bill's coattails...I used to think that, but now I think it's because she's stubborn. She doesn't like to fail so she stuck it out. By all appearances (and yeah yeah they're both wonderful actors yada yada heard it before) they HAVE worked out their differences or at least come to a place where they can be respectful to each other in public. A lot of fundamental Christian people decry Hil, yet she does/did exactly what "they" say she should...stuck it out.

    What makes me sad about Hillary is that she can't win for trying. She's stepped out on a ledge as a woman that many of us only dream of but never dare and she's smacked left and right for it. There's always a motive or an agenda for her...she can't just be a smart woman with guts who wants to lead. She's Bill's puppet or a "broad" or any number of other epithets that are drum up.

    I think Hillary is an incredible woman, an interesting person. She has done and likely will continue to do things that will improve the American way of life.

    But I don't think America is ready for her. Not the America that elected GWB. And sadly, that's not her's ours.

  2. As a woman scorned, I can NOT respect her. I always think I enjoy politics until election years, and then I am reminded of how easily apathy sets in....shame on me.
    As a NC girl, I am watching where Edwards lands, of course!