Monday, February 25, 2008

This made me smile

Got the purse in the mail from my friend Susan the other day. I think we all know what a freak I am about purses, bags and totes. Love them -- not necessarily the frou frou brand names, but cool purses -- funky, cutesy, fluffy, sparkly -- that kind of stuff.

So you can imagine my delight when I opened the box and saw pink marabou, rhinestones, and a pug.

I thought it couldn't get any cuter until Rob put Pippa inside the bag.

See? You can't NOT smile looking at this. Try it. I dare you.


  1. YAY!!!!!! Look at the cute!!!!!!

  2. now that is super adorable! yes it made me smile!

  3. Cute dog and cute purse! I see them in the mall a lot (the purse that is) but never thought buying one. I really should, just to look at it :-)