Sunday, March 23, 2008


Since we're heathens we celebrate Easter like we do Christmas -- in a secular, pagan way (hey, why do you think it's an Easter Bunny?). We do talk about the real reason for the holiday, although much of it is lost on my kids. (Honestly, I grew up Lutheran and much of it was lost on me as a child, too.) Garrett and I were in the car yesterday and he asked a question that led to a long explanation from me about the crucifixion, the tomb, and the ascension. A few things seemed to *really* confuse him, so I went back and simplified it, telling him that I don't believe it, that it is a nice story, and that many people *do* believe it and it gives them great comfort and happiness. As always, I told him that as he grows he can read and learn more about all faiths and if Christianity (or Buddhism or Shinto) seems to make sense to him he can choose to follow that path. He replied that the whole thing about dying and coming to life, then rising to Heaven in the physical body seemed a little hard to believe and that he'd stay a Unitarian. LOL

Who knows? There's no telling what things will have meaning to a person. I have to confess I'd be a little less than thrilled if he chose some paths, though.

And here are the obligatory pictures of the loot from the Bunny. My friend Teresa called Webkinz the "crack cocaine of the elementary school set" the other day and she is so right. Evan got a frog, Spencer got a hippo, and Garrett got a tiger snake he's been wishing for.

I have an angel food cake in the oven and we're having cranberry lime chicken and baked potatoes for dinner.

Happy Easter, everybody. Here's a bonus picture for you. LOL


  1. Must have been the Easter bunny's preferred gift this year. My kids both got Labs. (M a yellow and K a chocolate)

  2. We have avoided Webkinz so far. I know my days are numbered.

    Rob makes a nice bunny. Did he have a fluffy tail too? Please spare us that pic if he did! LOL!

  3. We got our first Webkinz a few weeks ago. A Tiger. Still haven't investigated it. Nice eggs!

  4. Henry was addicted to Webkinz (the pug) for awhile until I told him he has to take care of the pug too, besides playing games. Did you know the membership is only good for a year?

    The bonus picture is just spectacular :-))

  5. That photo is priceless of Rob. Hehehe!

    The &^%$ Easter Bunny brough Michael a leopard. So, we have 7 WebKinz now. I hate those things.

  6. LOL at your Webkinz comments!! Great pics.

  7. Totally cool pics! I love the kids' easter baskets! Very cool!