Saturday, April 26, 2008

F'ed up and fed up.

This is what we woke up to this morning. I guess I should feel grateful ... some areas in the state got 18 inches of snow overnight. The thing is, I am just bitter. Everybody in the state is completely frustrated. It seems spring is never going to get here.

Evan had soccer pictures this morning. They had to be there at 6:45. Honestly, people. It's a game. These are kids. What the hell is wrong with you? And it was freakin' 30 degrees out there. (That's about -1 C.) During Evan's 8-9 a.m. game it snowed. It didn't stick; it melted as soon as it hit the ground, but SNOW? On April 26? Seriously. Stop the madness.


  1. That is madness!!! We were cold here, but no snow. I suppose if we'd had rain, we'd have gotten some as well, or if not snow, the equally annoying "freezing rain and sleet."

    Pics were at 6:45 AM...AM??? What were they thinking?? That is even more insane than snow on April 26!

  2. Is that snow???? Dear lord.