Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Well, that was odd.

Rob is in North Carolina through Wednesday evening. We have friends there who used to live in Rochester, so he went to their home for dinner last night (and yes, I was insanely jealous, thankyouverymuch).

I had decided not to whine about the lunch incident yesterday when Rob and I spoke on the phone during the day because there was nothing he could do anyway and I though perhaps by the time he got home I would find it funny and be able to laugh when I told him. (Side note: so far I still do not find it funny.)

But I blogged about it and thus released it to the Universe. Rob doesn't read my blog. But Cara does. And she told him about the lunch. So when he called to check in with me last evening, it was really odd to have him tell me the story when I knew he hadn't read it and I hadn't told him. Of course it made perfect sense that Cara had told him, and she probably made it sound funny and not at all annoying and she maybe even made me sound not quite so neurotic and freaky (although, honestly, there is only so much one can do with regard to writers' embellishments if one is talking about me, here).

Yeah, it was odd. Weird, even. But it was strangely cool as well. This little blog is an amazing thing.


  1. I am sorry! I DID tell Rob about the lunch incident. The funny thing was, I read the blog then tried to respond via e-mail or comment, and my internet connection died! Since I was running around prepping for Rob I spaced and never responded. SORRY!

  2. Tell Rob when he is in Texas he better stop here for Dinner! Hey there Cara how is fine? We have family in Randelman, N.C. so we may be coming your way! Love, Rhonda