Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another season ends ....

and what an ending it was! Evan pitched an inning (his first ever) on Tuesday. Tonight he pitched again and did a great job, retrieving the ball and throwing it to first base twice for 2 outs.

He played first base, too, and was really on and paying attention. Turns out the game is more fun when your kid is having a great day. LOL

At any rate, the season has ended and I am most grateful.


In other news, Rob did some plumbing last week and it turned out the pipes he replaced were not the main problem -- it was the faucet. So he replaced the faucet last night and I finally got to put the bathroom back together. I've had all my cleaning supplies out on the counter for over a week.

And last for tonight, I had a request from one of my genealogy websites for some information. I knew it was in a specific book and decided to empty the closet of its boxes to find the elusive tome.

Now I have a living room piled high with boxes and a scrap room filled so that there's no walking space -- and no book. Honestly, I can't figure out where I put it.

But as long as it's out there, I am starting on the organization of the closet and its items. I am hoping to be done by November 1. Yikes.

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  1. I am happy you're done doing baseball and proud of you for the Nov. 1 deadline. I had to set myself out to Jan 1...I just don't know if I can do all I want to do any sooner.

    Good luck with it!!

    (And St. Anthony, help Jennifer find her book!)