Friday, August 01, 2008

July 32nd ...

That is my preferred way of stating the date. I just can't go into August yet, okay? Work with me here.

Just wanted to pop in and add a couple of pix from last night's game.


And Wednesday night I was granted a reprieve from the baseball game and I drove up to the Twin Cities to pick up an old Army pal. We'll call her "M."

M was the big sister I never had -- she taught me to be confident in myself, to demand the best from the men I dated because I deserved nothing less, to be strong in myself so that I could choose to be vulnerable when I wanted to. Good lessons, all.

She also nursed me through many a breakup, letting me lie on her couch in a terrycloth bathrobe for weeks on end.

Thanks, M. It was great to see you. We're still pretty cute, aren't we? LOL

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