Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 6

The 8 am game was a bust. They stopped it early because the league has a rule ending any game once the difference between the scores is 10 or higher. Yeah, it was that bad. Twelve to 1. The boys were understandably disappointed but the coaches were justifiably frustrated -- they just weren't "on" today. Careless mistakes, not paying attention, and the worst one (which in my opinion the coaches encouraged somewhat this year) -- acting cocky. Rob told me one kid got tagged out because as he was running to 1st the other team missed a catch and had to retrieve the ball. He started walking. Apparently he was shocked when the ball arrived at first before he did.

Evan, Spence and I took care of Pippa's walk and the paper route this morning before meeting up with Rob at the game, then we all headed off to a lovely sail in Lake City with Chris on the Chinook. It looked like there was plenty of interest in the sailing and I hope they raise lots of $$. Last year's total, according to the local paper, was about $10,000. Not bad for a couple of days of sailing.

Now we're home, working on some cleaning and straightening up inside and out. Garrett's next game is at 6, and if the win that one we play once more, tomorrow at 10. If they lose today, they are done.


For those of you who remember the drama of Uncle Henry from last summer and fall, I will be making a trip next weekend to take pictures of his grave for my grandma. The headstone we ordered from the VA arrived and has been set and I want to make sure all is well before winter sets in.

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  1. Maybe the kids weren't "on" because they're kinda sick of baseball by this point? Just a thought! ;)

    Sailing sounds wonderful!!!