Saturday, July 26, 2008


It's almost time to get ready for baseball but in the time we've been home I have:

*cleaned the bathroom
*vacuumed the hall, dining room, and living room
*loaded and run the dishwasher
*painted the last of the touch-ups on the frame pieces for the bathroom mirror
*helped E with a window art project
*watered plants
*made my bed
*cleaned the glass in the French door
*taken magazines and newspapers out to the recycling

and Rob, in addition to mowing the lawn and dumping the mulched clippings onto the garden to fertilize and keep weeds down, AND watering the front lawn, has also successfully installed the frame for my bathroom mirror. It is perfect. Pix to come....


  1. umm...can you come over to my house? Or at least fling some of that energy my way?

  2. Put down the speed! Back away from the happy pills!'re a powerhouse woman!!