Saturday, August 02, 2008

You have to make a mess ...

before you can get things cleaned up, right?

I hope so, otherwise there is no reason for my house looking like this:

Yeah, I know. Appalling, isn't it? All that stuff is what I've accumulated as the family historian. All the stuff no one knows what to do with goes to me. I have scrapbooking projects that will keep me busy into my nineties. Not to mention the genealogy stuff.

I did find the book I was seeking; thanks for the prayer to St. Anthony, Susan. I was getting a little worried there. It's a self-published book; very limited copies are available from the author and it is $60 or more, so I didn't want to be forking that money over again. Unfortunately the name I was seeking isn't indexed, so I am back to square one for this poor woman.

Also found? A bunch of CDs I was missing, including The Seeger Sessions and Miss Saigon, so the searching has already proved to be worthwhile.

And thank heavens for Freecycle!

This week I scored a new keyboard (I must admit I snack here occasionally and it was kinda crumby). And -- I couldn't believe my luck at getting picked to receive a new scanner. My old one is being Freecycled this weekend, and the new one is TWICE the resolution of the old one, so I am thrilled with it.

Now off to begin the organizing....

1 comment:

  1. Crud, wish I'd known you needed a scanner...we're going to be offloading ours here soon.

    Glad you found the book, you'll find the name worries.

    And I'm a firm believer in making a mess to clean up a mess. I personally haul everything that's in the wrong place into the middle, clean out the closet or drawer or whatever to prepare it and then start putting things back in "right"...this is why I make my closets throw up in the spring.