Monday, August 04, 2008

The Mother Lode

Yep, I have hit it. It's the jackpot of family photos. I just don't know how I am going to wade through all of them. It's overwhelming.

My great-aunt was an Alaska Pioneer and her brother, my great-uncle, also ventured up there for a time to teach school. He left a bunch of photos from 1950, all clearly dated and marked with information about each scene shown. I called a local historical society that was delighted to hear I was willing to send them the photos. I was delighted to hear that they would take them off my hands. LOL

After spending much of the day scanning photos (on the new scanner that is SO awesome it creates files too big for Microsoft Photo Editor to open!), I have decided that first I am going to try to file paperwork and documents in individual file folders (since I already have most of those made up and in a file cabinet). I am going to make sure photos are labeled and put them in boxes for now so they can be scanned and scrapbooked or stored in photo boxes later.

And I think I'm ordering the new software the 15th. So exciting.


  1. You are so like me when it comes to pictures. I don't think I smile more when I am looking through the past through the eyes of an ancestor. Have fun and enjoy every minute.

  2. Very fortunate indeed!