Sunday, August 03, 2008

A quick trip east

to Chippewa Falls, WI today. Checked out the grave of my great-Uncle Henry and cleaned up the stones for his parents as well. I was glad to see the stone from the VA was pretty close in appearance to those of my great-grandparents.

Rob got the patio blocks laid yesterday (and got a terrific sunburn as well).

My friend Kris called last night and she is coming for a little visit mid-month. If I had known that I probably wouldn't have pulled out all those boxes. LOL Nothing like a little motivation to help get things moving. Rob is measuring and cutting wood right now to add some additional shelves to the his-and-hers closets in my scraproom. It will be most helpful to have direct access to all of my resource books instead of having to dig through all of these boxes.

And .... drumroll, please .... yes, Rob is hanging the final curtain rod in the bedroom so I will be finishing the remaining curtain this week. Now to find some hold backs. Any ideas? I hate the big "C" shaped ones ... I want them to be more flush to the wall. I don't like them sticking out so far.

The big task for tomorrow? Filling the new backpacks with all the school supplies. I finally broke down and ordered from Lands' End this year. Last year Garrett went through 3 $15 backpacks -- I figured this year I'd spend the $40 up front and theoretically these will last them multiple years. I like that LE stands behind its products so we'll see.


  1. I have no idea how Garrett went through three bags in a year! Bobby's been using the same Nike backpack I bought at Shopko for $7 on clearance since kindergarten! nephew has a Land's End bag...or maybe it's LLBean...anyway, it's holding up great...probably worth it.

    BTW, Menard's has bags for $5.99 right now, you can get $5 each rebated back to you and you can buy 2 of them. They're great for Running Start donations!

  2. Did you go to Steve and Barry's??