Thursday, March 18, 2010

House Tour, part 4

The dining room is part of the living room, but I anchored the table and chairs with a navy blue rug to help delineate the space a bit. I used to have a very cool vintage fixture hanging over the table but since A) it was likely to be unappealing to most people and B) it was coming with me, we put in a new swag lamp over the table. It's a simple 3 light piece in brushed nickel and looks up to date without being out of place in this old(ish) house.

Pippa walked into the shot just as I took it and I decided she looked cute so I'm posting this shot. I took another for the realtor minus the dog. :) The vase on the table is from World market and it is perfect for tulips. I love fresh flowers so having them around to make the house look pretty is one of the bonuses of having a house on the market for me.

The print on the wall over the wine console table is a commemorative poster for the 1989 North Dakota Centennial. The photo was taken by a man from Rob's and my hometown who also happened to be my neighbor and a good friend of Rob's folks. It was a wedding present from my grandparents and has hung in every place we've lived since we were married.

The wine bottle in the wood holder on the table is actually a puzzle. Rob loves puzzles and Kris, who was an amazing, thoughtful gift-giver, brought a bottle of "Kris" wine in the puzzle the last time she came to visit. It has sat out on display ever since but of course took on special meaning when she died. She delighted in watching Rob solve it when she gave it to him and it makes me smile when I look at it.

Rob installed the crown molding in 2006. It was a HUGE job that frustrated him a lot. It was late the night before all the household goods were to be delivered from California and I was removing carpet and tack strips from the scrap room floor. I went to check on Rob's progress and he remarked, "Norm (Abram) makes it look so easy." LOL It took him longer than we expected but it looks great, doesn't it?

So that's the dining room. I am heading back to Monday's post to add another photo or two of the kitchen and will try to post more on the house tomorrow. The realtor comes in the morning so it may be later in the day.

Thanks for coming to visit!

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