Saturday, October 16, 2010

Caring for Chloe

The PayPal donation button above has a story behind it.

Rhonda lived in Rochester about 10 years ago with her husband and their daughter, Bailey. I met her at our local Early Childhood and Family Education classes. They never had much money because she was being treated for cancer at Mayo Clinic here, but Bailey always had the cutest outfits from a local secondhand kids' shop and Rhonda was the best deal-finder and penny-pincher imaginable.

They moved to Texas for her husband's job and it was a good move. Rhonda was healthy. They paid off some bills, bought a house, and things were going along pretty well.

One day Rhonda wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor, who told her she was going to have a baby. They had been told again and again that they would never have another child and there was no reason to doubt the doctors. Until that day. It was the most glorious, joyous surprise for them.

Today Chloe is almost 4 years old. She has undergone treatment for leukemia in the past but this summer everything seemed fine. They were just told the leukemia that was in remission is active again, and she is undergoing radiation.

This is a faith-filled family. They contribute to their community -- Rhonda is the PPT President, they run their church's Junior Bible Quiz group, and they spend countless hours volunteering at their local public library. Rhonda is the queen of volunteers.

It is hard for her to ask for help; she is used to being the one to offer her assistance in any situation. She is generous to a fault. She is caring and kind. She is a great mom and a wonderful friend.

This illness is draining them, emotionally and financially. They are struggling. I have started a group on Facebook that is mobilizing their friends nearby to get them meals on Chloe's treatment days. I know a few people who have mailed them gift cards. But they need more.

If you can spare a few dollars, please donate to my PayPal account. All money donated (minus the fees collected) will go to the family in the form of gift cards. If you want to donate directly, you can contact me at and I can advise you where to send the gift cards. If you are here in Rochester I will collect cash from you (or gift cards) and mail it directly so that we can avoid paying fees to PayPal. They are asking for Texaco, Shell and Walmart cards because gas and groceries are their biggest needs and Walmart is conveniently located near their home.

I can't do a lot. I am doing what I can and I will continue to do so. But this family needs more than just my help and money. They need anything you can spare -- money, prayers, good thoughts, donations to the American Cancer Society. It will all make a difference, and I hope someday Chloe can do a guest post here on my blog to tell everyone she is healthy and that your donations and prayers changed her life.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. My prayers are certainly with this family - what a touching story. God works in mysterious ways. Thank you for being there to support and help out Jennifer