Monday, October 25, 2010


I guess I really AM back. How can I tell? I am making LISTS! LOL

Today I got started on the laundry, emptied the dehydrated apples from the dehydrator (and I plan to do more of those - YUM!), have been getting the kitchen cleaned up, organizing up here in the crap room, clipped coupons for my grocery trip later in the week, and edited a letter to the editor for my husband. We have a limit of 225 words and he wanted to write a letter in support of the school referendum on the November ballot. 225 words is not a lot. I would send a letter myself but you can only do so every 30 days and of course I've been sending campaign letters. LOL

Last night I got a patch sewed onto Garrett's Boy Scout shirt (on a pocket. Holy cow that was a challenge!) and a button onto one of Spencer's polo shirts. I have a couple of stuffed toys that need a stitch or two so I may get that done tonight.

I took pork chops out of the freezer and I'll make scalloped corn and baked pork chops for dinner. One of Rob's favorites.

My mother-in-law arrives Thursday and so I have a lot I want to get done before she arrives, plus some stuff for the big weekend (school fundraising auction, Boy Scout events, Halloween party, trick-or-treating ... whoa.).

So, in no particular order, here are my to-dos for the week. I'll report back later by putting the ta-das in italics.

*make pretzel wands for school auction bake sale
*label and decorate applesauce jars for auction bake sale (decided not to do this)
*make labels for pretzel wand packages
*finish breast cancer layout and post on blog
*work on leukemia ribbon cards
*finish laundry
*re-organize medicine cabinet

*take a load of stuff to Goodwill
*clean main floor bath
*clean basement bath
*finish apples (can, dehydrate ... whatever)

*standard dust/vacuum/tidy main floor (in progress)
*get kids to clean rooms (pray for me) (in progress)
*take pictures of new bedrooms and post on blog
*finish going thru scrap stuff boxes and take stuff back to storage unit
*finish grocery list
*make menu plan

*empty/take out garbages
*ask Rob to hang white board for me
*get kids and self to Bookmobile this week
*get box ready to mail to Bailey
*get box with winter clothes ready to mail to Brad and Colette

*get basement family room cleaned up, dusted, vacuumed (in progress)
*work on calendar I'm donating for UU auction
*work on baby memories book for my cousin's baby (in progress)

Whew. It's a lot, isn't it? But the fact that I can organize myself enough to have a list of goals and put it all together is HUGE for me.

I have some other stuff in the works ... stuff I am not ready to talk about yet. New projects, learning new stuff, getting out in the world in some different ways. Will I still need my little blue light this winter? Definitely. Will I still have some days where I just CAN'T? Can't think, can't function, can't whatever ... Yes. I expect it. I am not a different person, after all. I will always struggle with my dysfunctional brain and its lack of serotonin-producing skillz, as it were.

But if I can get a day or two like this now and then, I can feel ok embracing the "can't" days, too. After all, life is about balance, right? I am walking the balance beam right now. Equilibrium vs. disequilibrium, organization vs. disorganization, motivation vs. lack thereof. We all walk it. And today I am so very grateful to feel that my walk is pretty much like everybody else's.

You heard it here -- the girl who refuses be to be like everybody else just embraced the ordinary. Amen.

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