Friday, August 12, 2011

Genealogy stuff

I am an amateur genealogist and I recently received several boxes of stuff cleaned out of an elderly relative's home in Bagley, Clearwater County, Minnesota. Among the family obituaries and funeral cards there were many newspaper articles, obituaries and funeral cards of community members who are not related to my family. The articles are primarily of tragic events -- car accidents, accidental shootings, sheriff's sales and the like. I am not sure why this woman took such a prurient interest in the newspaper but I thought perhaps the articles might hold value for a family member, so I kept them in spite of the feeling I get from them.
Below is a list of them. The list is now complete. If you are a researcher and have run across this in a web search I will be happy to mail them; simply contact me through the link at right and send me a self-addressed stamped envelope.

To contact me: comment below and leave your email or phone number OR email me at jennifer[dot]my3sons[at]gmail[dot]com. Please use all names listed, for example, Mrs. Frank Peterka is also listed below as Letha Maruska but it is filed under Peterka so I will not find it if you only give me the name Maruska.

I am happy to mail these at no charge, but I do need to ask for the self-addressed stamped envelope simply so that I don't incur mailing costs. Thanks for your understanding.

Names with a strikethrough indicate the document has already been sent to a family member.

Frank C. Anderson
Mrs. Ida Anderson
Alfred John Astrum
Mrs. Frank (Martha) Bailey
Joe Balik
Mrs. Elsie Bang
Mrs. Leroy Bang (Margaret "Sally" Mootz)
Martin Bang
William Stanley Barrows
Mrs. W.C. Barrows
George Henry Baumann
James Hubert Blix
Mrs. Euguene Bodner (Luella Mae Johnson)
Mrs. Francis (Frances Elizabeth) Bonik
Leo Bonik
Patsy Boon (age 8, daughter of Jobe)
Magnus Bratland
Leslie "Red" Brustad
George Buck
Mrs. William Butler (Phoebe Josephine Fix)
J.C. or J.D. Calloway (formerly of Larimore, N.D)
Mrs. Michael Carroll (Catherine Lewis)
Mrs. Collin (Winnifred Mary) Campbell
Oscar Carlson
Mrs. Anna Cease
Albin L. "Christy" Christenson
Anna Clemens
Harry Courtney
Mrs. Clifford (Iva) Covey
Dr. Kenneth Covey
Dr. W.C.Covey
Timothy W. Dee
Larry Doyle
Dr. H. M. Eisenlohr
Henry Ellenberg
Alfred P. Erdelt
Gladys L. Ewers
Mrs. Colonel (Alice Amelia "Meda") Farnsworth
Mary Lee Farnsworth
Ole S. Glomsrud
Jay B. Goodnough
Arlen M. Gould
Iver Grodahl
Dr. John Grogan
Harold C. Hagen
Ed Halladay
Luella Mae Hammond
Palmer Haugan
Magnus Helgeland
Oscar Melvin Hendrickson
Mrs. Dave (Edith Florence) Hier
Arne J. Higdem
Virgil Hill
Belander Hough
Harry John Hurd
Mrs. Frank (Marie) Janous, Sr.
Wayne Jasperson
Jens Martinus Jespersen
Betty Mae LaFountaine Johnson
Mrs. Gina Johnson
J.P. Johnson
Mrs. J.P. Johnson
George Price Jones
Tolef Julin
Anthony Joseph Kawski
Mrs. A.D. Keye (nee McCall)
Myrtle Kleven
Lillian May LaDue
Norma LaFontaine
Oscar Larson/Larsen
Mrs. Oscar Larsen/Larson
Mrs. Ole G. Lee (Clara Oline Sletten)
Mrs. Leroy (Eileen) Lewis
Adolph Lindgren
Mrs. S.C. Lobdill (Jospehine Elizabeth Farman)
Oscar Lukkasson
James McCall
Mrs. Bert McHenry
Wilbert McHenry
Mart J. McMahon
Robert Marshall
Mrs. Louise Mathison
I.O. Messelt
Mrs. Andrew Molenaar
Donald Stanley Nelson
Mrs. Laura Nelson
Norris J. Nelson
Sever Nelson
Steven Nelson (age 7, son of Norman)
Ingebrigt Netland
Carl Norlander
Frank A. Norquist
Reina O'Brien
Fred Oelrich
Mrs. Fred (Alma) Oelrich (formerly Mrs. Frank Kelly/Kelley)
Olaf Olson
Oscar John Olson
John Halsten Oversea
Mrs. Frank Peterka (Letha Maruska)
Herman Peters
Claude O. Peterson
Fern Alma Peterson
Lloyd Iranus Peterson
Valoy Fern Peterson
Edwin Pingrey
Charles S. Pingrey
Mrs. Charles S. (Margaret) Pingrey
William A. Reed
Ernie H. Reff
Olai Risan
Gene Robbins
Lyle Rotzien
Mrs. Lyle (Bertha) Rotzien
Logan Sackett
Mrs. Emma Searles
Joseph E. Seeley
John F. Sheehan
Theodore Simenson
Elmer Skare
Selmer Sorenson
Stephen Elmer Clarence Sparks
Mrs. Stephen Sparks (Anna Marie Volden)
T.O. Stensrud
George P. Stiles
Eugene Sullivan
Tobias Sunderland
Mrs. R.M. Swinburne (Daraxra Ollie Numbers)
John Herman Thayer
John Peter Theis
Armer Alvin Thompson
Mrs. Elmer Tibbetts (Antonette)
J.H. Towey
Mrs. Clifford J. (Mildred) Turner
Ben Vorderbruggen
D.H. Waggoner
Ardith Wahlin
Robert Wallingford
Emilie Marie Wastweet
Robert Widrig
Gene Ellis Wilberg
Vernon Willborg
Charlotte Wolf
Ed Wright


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I'm interested in a few of the names on your genealogy list, but can't find your name and address to which to send a self addressed envelope. Where should I send it?


  2. Hi Lori, I don't publish my last name or my address on this blog so please email me at jennifer [dot] my3sons [at] gmail [dot] com with the names of the people and your connection to them, if you don't mind sharing that. I will then email you back with my full name and address. Thanks, and I am so glad that someone has found something useful!

  3. Anonymous10:58 PM

    I am interested in Elizabeth (Letha) Maruska. She was my grandfather's sister. Do you have more info you can send? I am working on a family tree.

  4. Laurie,
    I don't have any way to contact you because you posted anonymously. Please email me at jennifer [dot] my3sons [at] gmail [dot] com and I will provide you with my mailing address. If you send a self-addressed stamped envelope I will mail the 2 clippings I have to you.

  5. Hi Jennifer I'm from the Bagley area and I'm also interested in Letha Maruska-Peterka's information as she also was my Granpa Arthur Maruska's sister.