Friday, August 19, 2011

Too much stuff

I've posted before about the stuff I have accumulated by being the family historian. The latest batch in my collection is from a great-great aunt and uncle who had no children of their own. With no direct descendants there is no one (including me) who wants all of the memorabilia they collected during their lives.

A lot of stuff is connected to Ft. Riley, KS. Bob must have served there during WWII. There are some photos of military units with mountains in the background. That's not in Kansas, I am positive. Some internet research confirmed his obituary, which said he served in the Pacific and was wounded. But I was frustrated in determining where his unit was trained before deploying to the Philippines.

I called the museum at Ft. Riley and connected with a very professional man who not only said the museum would be glad to have the small collection of postcards and memorabilia, he found information about the unit and has promised to help me get the photos to their proper home.

All of the items will be donated in the names of my great-great aunt and uncle and their photos will be included in the collection as well.

If you are a genealogist it is certain you will collect historical documents that are of no interest or use to you. Please consider donating them to a museum or historical society. I think it's a great way to keep your family members alive.

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