Thursday, August 18, 2011

Say it, Ray

Rain Man learned quickly that "Kmart sucks." You'd think I could have figured it out by now, too, but clearly I haven't.
The Kmart in Rochester is awful. It is poorly managed (and has been for more than a dozen years), it is sloppy, it is chronically understaffed, and, well, it sucks.

Unfortunately it is right across the street from my family clinic, it is on a thoroughfare I travel regularly, and it does carry a few items I can't find anywhere else in this town. So I stop in several times a year, always with trepidation.

Today I went in for folders. Two pocket folders without the prongs for holding looseleaf paper are nowhere to be found. Seriously. Kmart didn't have them, either, but the prong style folders were on sale for 10 cents, whereas other stores are asking 50 cents or more. So I grabbed a half dozen and headed to the checkouts.

It was crazy. There were 3 registers open, lines snaking back close to the middle of the store. The lone service counter employee seemed oblivious, so I asked (nicely, I might add) if she could call another cashier. She unleashed on me and chewed me out saying that 2 people had called in that day and there was no one else to help.

Okay, lady. THAT is not my problem. It's your job to provide customer SERVICE. I have done that job. Yes, I worked the service desk at a Kmart. For years. And if I had even thought of responding to a customer that way I would have been (deservedly) FIRED.

My response to her tirade? Oh, believe me, I gave as good as I got. Did you expect any less? In my typical dramatic fashion, in front of a couple dozen people, I stormed up to her counter, told her she could stick the folders up her ass and that I would be calling her boss later, and marched out the in door.

So, if Kmart has people checking social media and blogs for references to their stores (which would shock me, since they can't seem to get one decent human to run the store in Rochester, Minnesota), they should send the Powers That Be a little heads up; you are losing business daily here, and your reputation as a retailer is as low as it can get. People here like Walmart better. And that is saying something.

Kmart sucks.


  1. That store is STILL in business? Yes, it sucked 13 years ago, I'm sure it sucks even harder now. H and I walked up there ALL the time since it was so close. Aww. Memories.

  2. I can't believe she raised her voice to you!

    I once came across someone in Walmart restocking. Her basket was right in front of where I need to look and I started to nudge it out of the way. I literally was only going to move it over like a foot but she said, "Huh uh! Don't you dare move my basket," in a totally uncalled for snarky tone. So I raised my eyebrow to her O.o and pushed her cart around the corner and gave it a good shove so it could travel a decent distance down the aisle and went back to my browsing.