Saturday, August 20, 2011

Genealogy stuff, part 2

More newspaper clippings and obituaries, again primarily from the Bagley, Clearwater County, Minnesota region. Some extending into greater Minnesota (even Rochester and Stewartville) and some into North Dakota (mostly the Larimore area).
As before, they are alphabetical by last name and you should check all of these blog entries (Aug. 12 and Aug. 17).
Email me at jennifer [dot] my3sons [at] gmail [dot]com and I will be happy to mail them off to you in a SASE you provide.

So without further ado ...
William John Baker
Marvin Balstad
Mrs. Floyd Bardwell (filed under Curfman)
C. W. Barrows
Mrs. C.W. Barrows
Jacob Gerhardt Beckman
Charles H. Benedict
Mrs. P. Benedict (filed under Sorenson)
Zella Berman
Mrs. Anna Brustad
Mrs. John Carlson (Gertrude Nystad)
Mrs. Anna Cease
Melvin Christenson
Selmer Christianson
Tom and Banna Christianson
Dr. W.C. Covey
Mrs. Glenn Curfman (filed under Curfman)
Timothy W. Dee
Edward Eide
Mrs. E. Englehart/Englehardt (Margaret Brown)
Lynn "Butch" Everhart (filed under Curfman)
John H. Gordon
Nathan "Nate" E. Gordon
Fred Grover
Otto Gunsch
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Halkney (50th anniversary, see also Marian Oleson)
Frank Halkney
Mrs. John Hanson (filed under Curfman)
Ole Hayes
Jesse J. Hill (filed under Olson)
Olavus T. Holty
Mrs. Pearl Hopke (filed under Eide)
Mark Hvezda
Edwin Dwight Ingalls
Hans J. Iverson
Mrs. Teoline Jacobson
Peder Jorgenson (filed under Sorenson)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kolding (filed under Christianson)
Lt. and Mrs. David Kolding (filed under Christianson)
Joseph Konick
Charles Langworthy
Dr. B.W. Lemery
Mrs. Johanna Loun
George W. McCall
Mrs. Matilda Elizabeth McNamara
Robert Marshall
Mrs. Ben Martine
Donna Mellinger (filed under Curfman)
I.O. Messelt
Edna Vera Mootz
Charles Murphy
Mrs. Herman Nass (filed under Curfman)
Henry Bernhard Nasset
Marian Eleanor Oleson (marriage announcement to Allen C. Luebke, see also Halkney)
O.A. Olson
Orvis L. Olson
Floyd E. Nelson
Alton H. Rendall
Joseph Rosicka
Roger Sanquist
Mrs. Helen Sorenson
Lester Sorenson
Arnold Stavig
John H. Towey
John W. Walker
Mrs. Annie Walland
Dennis Watson (filed under Curfman)
Mrs. Stewart Watson (filed under Curfman)
Mrs. Devere Wilson (Julie Edna Johnson)
Mrs. Nellie May Woods (nee Farnsworth)

That is a complete list of what I have right now. I will add to this if I find any more in the boxes I have left to go through.

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