Friday, October 07, 2011

A magical day

My little brother got married over the summer. It was a lovely celebration of the merging of two families -- the bride has two children from a previous marriage and the groom has 2 as well. In fact, this blended family was the only way my parents could finally get a granddaughter -- my brother's 2 are boys, of course I have 3 boys, but the bride has a son and a daughter. Awesome.

This was the reception hall -- the ceiling was strung with twinkle lights and giant tissue paper flowers. Lovely, no?

A friend of mine made the top layer of the cake. It was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and covered in fondant. The bride and groom took it home and ate it after the wedding and reported it was delish. The "V" was on clearance at Michaels for 2 bucks last spring and I picked it up on a whim. The little balls of fondant around the cake are coated in pearlescent powder. Fab.

Then there is the cake stand. My little brother made it. Fabricated, welded, etc. -- amazing, no? And then they painted it and added the ribbon. Truly a joint project of the bride and groom. Truly spectacular.

The cupcakes were a mixture of chocolate and vanilla, topped with white or pink frosting and glitter sugar crystals. Here's a white one:

And a pink one:

It was a beautiful day and I could not be more pleased for the whole bunch of them.
Congratulations guys! All 6 of you. I love you!

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