Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let it go?

I watched my family members hurting. I didn't have anything to offer them to help them through it. And make no mistake, I was hurt, too.
I listened to lies. I watched people pick up the broken pieces of their lives to make something beautiful again.
I will NEVER understand the choices you made. I have no respect for you, as a human being and especially as a parent.
Now I'm told that some healing has happened; that apologies have been made, that a new leaf has been turned over.
You don't owe me an apology, nor I you. But I will not let it go so easily.
Prove it. Show up for your kids. Stop the hate you have perpetuated for 7 years. Be a parent. Be the kind of co-parent your kids deserve. They, of all people, deserved this the least and have been hurt by it the most. Make it different. Make it better. Heal yourself and heal them.
And if you do the right thing, again and again, even when it's hard, you might find that some of the bridges you burned could be repaired. I don't ever want a relationship with you -- I don't think I ever want to speak to you again-- but I wouldn't mind not having a thousand reasons to hate you anymore.

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