Sunday, January 08, 2012

Finishing projects

I have had this little pincushion sitting around for a long time and finally finished it the other day.
I ran out of fill when stuffing it and didn't want to buy more until I had a use for it.
I guess I just decided it didn't need to be perfectly stuffed to be finished.
The pattern is from "Seams to Me" by Anna Maria Horner. Google her. -- she has a lovely blog and is the kind of person I would like to share a cup of tea with. The book is full of fun patterns and projects and -- this is the best part -- has a very readable section with basic sewing information. It is presented in a way that is useful and helpful. I highly recommend. It is published by Wiley & Sons.
I have lots more going on, lots of projects and lots of volunteering. It is good but I am feeling like a little step back and prioritizing is in order.
I am publishing this from Lola so I will come back later and link to it, but somewhere here there is an entry featuring an apron I made. It's red, green and purple, and it's from the same book.
Really fun, useful projects. And simple enough that even I can make them.
I am off to sync my calendars for the week, wishing peace and strength to all who need it, and especially comfort for those who grieve.
Have a good week.

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