Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My life is moving faster than I am

The title is thanks to my friend Susan, who summed up my existence thusly on Facebook the other day.

The period between Easter or Spring Break and the end of the school year is hard for most people, I think. When I was in college my friend Lucy labeled the crazy weeks of term papers, final projects, performances, exams, and social events collectively as "Hell Week"s. She wasn't far off, as I recall. So many students had days that started before dawn and ran into the evening, trying to fit in classes, study groups, time at the library, and the host of other tasks that are required of a college student.

Now, as a parent, I realize that the same kind of craziness takes over in elementary, middle and high school, but it is different to be one person in charge of all the stuff than it is to be the parent of (ohmygod) a high schooler, a middle schooler, and an elementary student and responsible for getting them to the myriad church youth group/school/extracurricular/sports activities.

Of course, in the midst of it I have evening work commitments. Never my favorite, although I love my job, and just one more thing on the list. Our church rummage sale is this weekend and I simply don't have the time to volunteer to help set things up like I have in the past. It is too much. Thankfully I did get some things cleaned out of my house thanks to the sale, though, and it is happily ensconced at church waiting for a new home. If you have read this blog more than a few months you know I do love the opportunity to jettison the things we are not using anymore.

My oldest is doing Coming of Age this year -- it is the UU equivalent of Confirmation. With that comes the inevitable planning of family gatherings, sprucing up the house for company, and figuring out what will be on the menu. Usually I love that kind of stuff but thus far I have taken little pleasure in it. I hope to pull my house together this week and weekend and perhaps then I will be a little more chipper about the stuff that has to be done.

Today I am home -- at least for the morning. I am straightening and organizing, not really cleaning, but putting together my craft room/office space which is out of control. I am making progress, and I know I will be in a better frame of mind when I see just a little improvement. I hope to see more than a little. In the chaos of this time of year, I find a morning spent in solitude, doing mundane tasks, centers me. I move deliberately, I focus on small areas and move methodically from one to another in a way I seldom do either here or at work. Somehow it becomes a little meditative, and I walk away refreshed, ready to tackle the tasks and days ahead.

What do you do to find peace in chaos? How do you slow down even in the mad rush of spring recitals, soccer practices, and senioritis?

I can use all the help I can get. :)

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