Sunday, April 13, 2008


So it's out of my brain and I won't waste precious sleeping time involuntarily composing vitriol in my brain. And I feel better.

I just didn't want anger to be the focus of the blog on a Monday morning. It looks like this week we may actually see some warm temperatures (like in the 70s). It has been an insanely long winter and all of us in the north country are ready for a major change.

So now we turn to my accomplishments of late. Oh, how that makes me smile! We all know I cherish my lists and the checking off of tasks. So here's what has been done:

Remember last fall I was working on a system for my recipes? I mentioned it at the very bottom of this post. I spent a lot of hours copying recipes onto 4x6 index cards. Most of my recipes from friends and clipped from magazines and newspapers had been stored for years in a sturdy box from Lands' End. I moved that box to California, vowing I would have the recipes organized by the time we moved back. Are you laughing out loud yet? So last fall I decided I was going to at least try to get it done. And I am proud to say that today it is done. All of the recipes have been copied, they are divided up into categories, and I have plans to add some of my favorite stand by recipes that I don't actually have written down, but it is done. And it looks great. But it's a 3 inch wide binder and it's too big to fit in the cabinet. LOL

I also finished a Christmas project. I bought the letters J, O, and Y around Christmas. I have plans for them beyond this, but step one is done: they are decorated with non-traditional Christmas colors and today I blinged them all up. Cute, no?

And last, the surf painting I have been working on for the boys' room for FAR too long is progressing nicely. Here's a sneak peek. I had been struggling with my little projector and the scale of something in the painting. In swept my husband today, with a few tools and a good bit of patience. He fixed my problem, did the majority of the pencil tracing onto the canvas, and I spent much of the afternoon painting. It looks great, and I'll post the finished project later in the week.

So, my dear readers, happy Monday. Have a wonderful week. I am looking forward to sunny days, warm temperatures, and possibly soccer. They are still deciding whether to start tomorrow or postpone the season another week. Keep your fingers crossed for Evan -- he is ready to play. (Evan's mom has to confess that she will not be disappointed if she has to wait another week until the weather is warmer.) Shhhhh.


  1. It's still Sunday, but Happy Monday! Can't wait to see the finished painting!

  2. Hope you have a good week too! I started reading and interpreting Langston Hughes this weekend and it actually wasn't so bad!

  3. That's it! I can't read your blog-- you make me feel so unorganized! ha-ha!